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Malaysia Flag
To Know And To Love Malaysia




  A C H I E V E M E N T

Malaysia Boleh!


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" A Malaysian seaman
mission, who tries to
become the first Malaysian
to sail non-stop around
the world and break the
world circumnavigation
record in his yacht,
Jalur Gemilang and in
the true spirit of
Malaysia Boleh "



Completed in 1997, it is the tallest building in the world. The 88-storey buildings, plus decorative spires, total 451.9m (1,482 feet 8 inches) in height. Each stainless stell-clad tower has a circular plan with set-backs producing a tapering look as the building rises. It has a 'skybridge' and a 5,000 lots carpark underground.

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R. Letchemanah is the first Malaysian to pull an aircraft using his hair. This heavy task involved dragging a MAS Boeing 737 weighing 32.5 tonnes over a distance of 16.85m (55.3 ft) and was accomplished on 30 September 1990.

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