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To Know And To Love Malaysia




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Malaysia Boleh!

  R E L I G I O N  &  F E S T I V A L S


HARI RAYA AIDIL FITRIhari_raya.gif (21983 bytes)
8-9 January 2000
27-28 December 2000

A day of festivity for Muslims all over the world as they celebrate the end of Ramadan or the fasting month. The day begins with prayers followed by the custom of asking forgiveness from family members.

Visitors will have the opportunity to witness a vast variety of clothing items, dried foodstuff and foodduring the month of Ramadan.

THAIPUSAMthaipusam.gif (31853 bytes)
21 January 2000

A day when all Hindus pay homage to Lord Subramanian, the six headed God whose most popular adobe is, Batu Caves, a unique limestone formation situated towards the north of Kuala Lumpur.

Visitors flock to temples to witness the colourful kavadis carried by devotees with skewers pierced though their bodies as penance.

CHINESE NEW YEARlion.gif (27578 bytes)
5-6 February 2000

A day of joy for Chinese all over the world as they partake in tradition of giving ang pows, oranges and having lion dance to symbolise prosperity.


16 March 2000

This day connotes the conclusion of the annual pilgrimage to Mecca. Prayers are offered followed by the distribution of meat to the needy.

18 May 2000

is the most auspicious day in the Buddhist calendar as it marks the birth, enlightenment and death of Buddha.

30-31 May 2000

A harvest festival celebrated by the Kadazans and Dusuns to offer thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest. The highlight include a beauty pageant, cultural dances and rituals culminating in a thanksgiving ceremony performed by a high priestess.

1-2 July 2000

Similar to the Sabah Kaamantan Festival, here the Ibans and Bidayuhs celebrate the end of the padi harvesting season with much merry making, dancing and drinking of 'tuak', a potent rice wine.

NATIONAL DAYmerdeka.gif (15862 bytes)
31 August 2000

The joyous day when Malaysia achieved its Independence. Celebrations are held thoughout Malaysia. In Kuala Lumpur, Merdeka Square remains a nostalgic spot where joyfull cries of 'Merdeka' were first uttered by Malaysia's first Prime Minister.

DEEPAVALIdeepavali.gif (29433 bytes)
26 October 2000

A day enjoyed by Hindus, the Festival of Lights i.e Deepavali signifies the triumph of good over evil.



CHRISTMASchristmas.gif (21752 bytes)
25 December 2000

Celebrate all over the world as the day when baby Jesus was born. A day of festivity for Christians.

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